An overview of the dT-Epilepsy project

Project Overview

Over the last decade, TMS combined with EEG (TMS-EEG) has been successfully applied in diverse areas of neuroscience. Emerging evidence suggests that TMS-EEG may be used as a non-invasive tool for unraveling the pathophysiology of human epilepsies and holds significant diagnostic and therapeutic potential. Nevertheless, it remains of rather limited use in the field of epilepsy principally due to methodological reasons, such as the restricted depth and spatial extent of cortical stimulation achieved by available TMS techniques. This intractable heretofore problem can be approached with the use of novel coil designs, such as the H-coils (deep TMS).
In order to address the above-mentioned limitations of currently existing TMS-EEG systems, as related to epilepsy, dT-EPILEPSY proposes the development of a deep-TMS–EEG system allowing the optimization of transcranial stimulation over the epileptogenic zone. This approach is expected to open new pathways for the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of patients with epilepsy.

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